A hopeful story about Canterbury and Romeā€¦

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A hopeful story about Canterbury and Rome…

Bishop Frade wants to make sure you’ve read about last Saturday’s meeting between Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and Pope Benedict XVI, and their joining together to lead an ecumenical vespers service at San Gregorio Magna al Celio in Rome.

At the service marked the 1000th anniversary of the founding of Italy’s Camaldoli monastic community, which includes a presence at San Gregorio, both the archbi...

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Covenant Update

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On Wednesday, February 8th, the Vestry of St. Margaret’s and San Francisco de Asís Episcopal Church in Miami Lakes met with Archdeacon Thomas Bruttell and Archdeacon Bryan Hobbs of the Diocese of Southeast Florida. Discussion included the parish covenant with the Diocese and a significant change. Father Richard J. Aguilar, Priest-in-charge since June 1, 2009, has submitted a letter of resignation to the Rt. Rev. Leo Frade, Diocesan Bishop, effective May 31, 2012. Father RichardR...

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The Archbishop of Canterbury comments on theRoyal Wedding

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Speaking in a short film producedby Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop of Canterbury talks about the sense ofhopefulness and generosity which lie at the heart of marriage, and what thisalso tells us about the ‘mystery’ and ‘delight’ which can be found in thislife-time commitment. Dr Williams, who will be conducting the marriage ceremonyat Westminster Abbey on Friday 29th, also describes the sense of privilege hefeels about his own role in the royal wedding:


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This Weeks Announcements

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There’s an important update to plans for the diocesan Acolyte Festival on Apr. 16: Because that will be the eve of Passion Sunday/Palm Sunday, the Festival Eucharist that morning will be celebrated as a full Palm Sunday liturgy, with clergy vested in red (not white, as previously announced), palm branches for everyone to wave—and per...

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Announcementsand reminders

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Announcementsand reminders 


The Diocesan Offices will be closed Monday, Feb. 21, for the Presidents’ Day holiday. 

·        Grapevine—In the past few days there havebeen numerous updates to the issue of Grapevine that was posted on Feb. 1;be sure to review everything from “coming events,” through opportunitiesoff...

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Greening Congregations and Environmental Justice

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Greening Congregations and Environmental Justice: SubsidiesAvailable for an Exciting Collaboration with GreenFaith


Through a partnership betweenGreenFaith, an interfaith environmental organization, and the Episcopal Church,30 churches will receive 50% tuition scholarships for the GreenFaithCertification Program, the only interfaith environmental certification programdesigned specifically for houses of worship.  May 1 is the applicationdeadline for the next round schol...

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Are church collection plates truning to electronic payment?

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According to an article in Reuters By Susan Schept

ARLINGTON, Virginia | Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:06am EST

Are People are starting to accept the form of electronic payment

as the regular donation support of their church membership? I think so see the artlicle here and decide for yourself.

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Faith Alive from Bishop Leo Frade

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Dear Friends:


Please take a few minutes of yourtime to learn about the opportunity for a renewal event, made possible in ourchurches by dedicated Christians just like you and me.


This is primarily a lay-ledexperience for Episcopal congregations of any size, to help encourage themembership to understand the ministries of all baptized Christians, and to equipthem to become faithful to our Baptismal vows.


If you hav...

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Cursillo Sunday

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Cursillo Sunday

May 1, 2011

The first Sunday in May is designated in our diocese as Cursillo Sunday, a day to share what the Cursillo Movement is and to provide an opportunity for people to learn how they can become part of it.

In many parishes the chalice bearers, lay readers, ushers and others serving that day are Cursillistas. There is usually a presentation by a cursillista about what Cursillo is, and a parish Cursillo representative is available to answer questions or t...

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