Grace and Peace to you from our Compassionate God,

Being a native Bostonian it shook my world yesterday as I saw the devastating images flash across the TV screen of a street that I have walked down hundreds of times. After many phone calls and checking of Facebook, I knew that all my family and friends as well as those of parishioners with ties to Boston were safe.

We live in difficult times. We walk the way of the Cross even in the midst of Easter. This is the paradox of our faith. During the season of Resurrection, Christ was again crucified on the streets of Boston.

When we are faced with such horror our emotions can spiral out of control. I have already heard calls for revenge. After such a tragedy a certain energy is created within us. We want, no we need to do something to help the situation and to dissipate our own anxiety. But what can we do that is consistent with our moral values as followers of Christ, that connect our hearts to the very Heart of God?

Scripture calls us to pray unceasingly. Prayer is a very powerful tool. I dusted off my rosary beads last night and the ancient prayers brought peace to my soul.

We as a community have two distinct opportunities to refocus our energy to bring Life into a place of death. We are having a Blood Drive here at the church on Sunday morning April 28th. Please make an effort to come and give a literal Gift of Life.

A young woman knocked on the church office door this morning. She is an artist who offered a beautiful print that we will auction off over the next two weeks with all the proceeds going to help those affected by the bombings in Boston. I have attached a copy of the print. It is simple and beautiful. I call it Our Mother’s Heart.

Let us take this time of tragedy and transform it into a time Life. As our Easter hymn says that Christ gives life to those who are in the place of death, so shall we give life by our actions. “Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and on those in the tombs bestowing life, bestowing life!”

I remain yours in the Risen One,

Fr. Tim